Sedation Options Say Goodbye To Dental Fear!
  • Stay calm throughout treatment with sedation
  • Save money with our Membership Club
  • Remain at ease in our private care rooms

Feel Calm & Relaxed With Sedation Options in Farragut

At Heritage Family Dentistry, we understand that some of our patients struggle with fears about the dentist. However, if you skip necessary dental care treatments, you put your oral health at risk. Whether you have mild discomfort or extreme anxiety, you’ll benefit from our sedation options in Farragut. They will:

  • Allow you to relax comfortably while we improve your oral health
  • Reduce your stress levels and give you a relaxed state of mind
  • Lessen your anxiety about future appointments
  • Encourage you to pursue treatments you have avoided
  • Get you through more complex procedures without worry

Call 865-800-4664 for an appointment today. If you don’t have insurance, there’s no need to worry. We have a Membership Club that covers the cost of exams and cleanings and also offers discounts on other treatments. Unlike insurance, you won’t have to worry about paperwork or other hassles.

Choose the Perfect Sedation for Your Dental Needs

Anxiety isn’t the only reason people choose sedation. It’s also ideal if you have an easy gag reflex, have trouble remaining still in the patient chair, or need help getting through lengthy procedures. Whatever your reason, we have several options for you:

  • Laughing Gas – This safe sedation option is suitable for patients of all ages, including children. It goes into effect immediately and gives you a mild euphoric feeling. You can drive home after your appointment since you won’t feel groggy.
  • Oral Sedation – With this option, you take prescribed medication before your appointment. You’ll arrive relaxed and remain that way the entire time. However, you can answer questions and talk with our team. You will need a ride home.
  • IV Sedation – This sedation gives you a profound sense of relaxation. It works quickly, and we can adjust the dosage to your desired level of sedation. Like oral sedation, it has lingering effects. So someone will need to drive you home.

In addition to sedation, you can feel at ease with homey touches like a soft blanket or neck pillow. Our private care rooms will give you peace of mind during your appointment.

Call 865-800-4664 to visit a dentist  who offers sedation options in Farragut.

Common Questions About Sedation Options

Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

Yes, we offer multiple levels of sedation dentistry that will calm the fear and anxiety of any patient. We’ll discuss each type of sedation in detail and help you decide on the one that will work best for your procedure. Our goal is to provide you with pain-free, anxiety-free care every time you visit our office. Our sedation options help make sure that happens.

What sedation options are available to me?

At Heritage Family Dentistry, you’ll have a choice of several sedation options. We offer inhaled sedation using laughing gas, oral conscious sedation in pill form, and IV sedation that will put you in a dreamlike state. Their sedative effects range from mild to deep and will fit the needs of any patient who is nervous about receiving their dental care.

Are your sedation options safe?

Yes, all of our sedation options are safe. Our team has been trained to administer all the forms of sedation we use, including laughing gas, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Each type of sedation works well for a particular kind of patient or situation. We can talk you through your sedation options and your medical history to help you decide on the best option for you.

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