Same-Day Smile

Get A Great Smile Fast!
  • Leave with implants & new teeth in one visit
  • We have private care rooms for peace & quiet
  • Schedule a free implant consultation

Get New Teeth in Less Time With a Same-Day Smile in Farragut

If you want the benefits of dental implants but are concerned about the time it takes to get them, we have a solution for you. A same-day smile in Farragut gives you new teeth without an extensive healing period. Dr. Bradshaw will place four to six implants in your jaw and provide you with replacement teeth – all in one appointment. You will:

  • Spend less time in our office to get your new smile
  • Enjoy complete oral function almost right away
  • Heal quickly since we are using fewer implants
  • Smile confidently without worrying about missing teeth
  • Maintain a strong and healthy jaw
  • Save money on your full-mouth implants

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Our Advanced Technology & Expertise Make Your New Smile Possible

At Heritage Family Dentistry, we use the latest treatment techniques and technologies for procedures like implant placement. For your same-day smile, Dr. Bradshaw uses a method called All-on-4, which uses four (or sometimes six) implants. Placing fewer implants in your jaw means this procedure can be completed in one appointment.

However, there are preparations in advance. Here is what you can expect:

  • Planning – During an initial appointment, Dr. Bradshaw takes digital X-rays and 3-D scans of your mouth. It helps him identify the ideal placements for your new implants. He’ll also make sure your gums are in good health.
  • Placement – Using computer-guided technology, Dr. Bradshaw places four or six implants. He may need to extract teeth beforehand. Rest assured, we’ll numb your mouth, so there isn’t any discomfort. You can also receive sedation if needed.
  • Permanent Smile – While your implants heal, you will wear fully functional temporary teeth. A few months later, you will return to our office to receive your more permanent set of custom-made teeth.

We help you feel at ease by performing your procedure in a private care room. Plus, you can relax with a blanket or pillow while we work.

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Common Questions About Same-Day Smile

What is a same-day smile?

With a same-day smile procedure, you can have dental implants and new teeth all in one day. This means you can leave our office with a full set of beautiful and functional teeth that you’ll love to show off. If necessary, we can remove any remaining teeth during the same appointment to make room for your new teeth.

How much does a same-day smile cost?

We understand that every patient is unique and has specific requirements. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll thoroughly examine and get digital X-rays. We’ll provide you with an exact estimate of your same-day smile. We’ll ensure you are fully informed and empowered to make the best decision for yourself and your oral health.

Who is a good candidate for a same-day smile?

If your jawbone is healthy, you might be eligible for a same-day smile treatment. Because we use fewer implants, you won’t need as much bone mass to support them. During your first consultation, we’ll take digital X-rays to assess your jawbone. If a same-day smile is right for you, we can move forward with the procedure. If not, we offer alternative implant options that can restore your missing teeth.

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